1. the friendly and generous reception and entertainment of guests, visitors, or strangers.

The core of what we do at Copine everyday is to provide delicious food in a personal and gracious environment. We have systems and structures in place based on years of professional experience. Ultimately, though, there is no success without a strong team. This is the building block for any restaurant. People have asked me on multiple occasions about internal operations, day to day stuff, etc. so I will try to share a little about what we do at Copine as best I can…

Shaun and I cannot do what we do without the group of likeminded individuals who understand our vision. We are fortunate enough to have folks working with us for upwards of 6 years who exemplify generosity and real care for each other and for our guests. There are so many choices in the food landscape. To know that these people have our backs means everything and pushes Copine to a level we are very proud of. We treat our team the way we expect to be treated.