Sweet Cicely 

October 2019




  1. the state of being a partner or partners.

Shaun and I have only worked in the back and front of house respectively, and our goals have always aligned: seek out great places to work and learn, in order to create something we can be proud of.

Make a place that feeds our guests, our staff and our souls. 

We met opening Per Se in New York City in 2004, surrounded by an incredible team of people. It’s very rare to be part of an opening that’s as magical as that one was. Looking back on that time was the inspiration for our Alumni Dinner Series. (The last of which is tomorrow…) Reconnecting with these partners from our past and telling their current story alongside our own. A very special thank you to: André Hueston Mack, Philip Tessier, Timothy Hollingsworth, Matt Louis, Paul Roberts, Aaron Grosskopf and John Adler for taking time away from your very busy lives to join us here at Copine…you all are the ultimate inspiration for team building.

Creating lasting partnerships with those that surround you is a must. Most of us in the hospitality industry know that finding a work-life balance is difficult; by and large work is life. This business is full of so many unknowns; you really need a rock solid foundation in order to hang on tight for the ride. Are my partnerships strong? Absolutely. With my husband and business partner, my team, my investors, my neighbors, my building manager. Each of these is so important. Without the ability to partner with those closest to you, it’s very easy to get lost. When I have a regular guest who shares with me that they are dealing with a family member in hospice, I do what I can to make their evening extra special. And my team, my partners, rally around these folks. When an employee admits their personal struggles to me, I do everything within my abilities to help them. When my staff says to me “take a day off…we will take care of things” I feel such gratitude. We built our work family, slowly and over time. Snow storms, equipment issues, cook shortages, decreases in business level, increases in costs, payroll taxes. These unforeseen things are all part of small business ownership. Life is not perfect. Perfection does not exist - it’s the journey to get there that makes the difference. 

Having partners that lift you up when you need it is everything.





1. the friendly and generous reception and entertainment of guests, visitors, or strangers. 

This word is my benchmark.

What we strive to do at Copine everyday is provide delicious food in a personable and professional environment. We try to make Copine a place to forget about the very real struggles in this world for a few hours.

The restaurant business has exploded in a way that has not allowed hospitality to grow at the same pace. Ultimately, folks can dine at home. What brings them out is the feeling of being cared for and the very real sensation of comfort. I am very grateful to have had mentors that have helped to shape my ideas about what going out to dine should be. People like Kate Edwards, Christophe Chatron-Michaud, Michel Darmon and Laura Cunningham have all had a tremendous impact on me and my ideas about what hospitality can be. These are the things that I focus on with my team.

We have all of our systems and structures in place based on years of professional experience. Ultimately, though, there is no success without a strong team. This is the building block for any restaurant. Shaun and I cannot do what we do without the group of likeminded individuals who understand our vision: consistent, technique-driven cuisine served with knowledge in a hospitality driven environment. Nothing stuffy. We are fortunate enough to have folks that have been working with us for upwards of 6 years, who exemplify generosity and real care for each other and for our guests. Our team is everything. We treat them the way we expect to be treated and how we would like our guests treated. 

Locally, there are unlimited choices in the food landscape. Fine dining has its own rules. To know that our team have our backs means everything and pushes Copine to a level we are very proud of. People have asked me on multiple occasions about internal operations and day to day goings on. Here I will do my best to share some thoughts on hospitality, our restaurant and why we do what we do.

I look forward to sharing our journey…

See you soon!